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Stable  Sculling Boats

swift yet stable



If you haven't already watched the video on the left then please watch this first as it gives a helpful overview.

Watch the video for an introduction to the different types of rowing boat.

Steve Walker has 40 years experience of rowing and coaching and he sums up in simple language why you might choose one rowing boat over another.

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OK "a joy shared is a joy doubled" and I love rowing and crew sculling too. But there is something very special about knowing that the speed of the boat is entirely due to your own efforts. And when you win a race you take all of the glory.

Trouble is that the finest racing rowing boats that bring the greatest rewards are so slim that it is almost impossible to learn in them without falling in and the fear of falling in inhibits learning.

The joy of sculling alone


In the past the rowing boats that were sold for learning were wide. This provided stability. However, they were also short and often heavy. So they were slow and unrewarding to scull.

I can still remember the first stroke I took in a fine cedar boat after 18 months learning first in heavy slow boats. The thrill of the acceleration and of the high speed glide after just one stroke is still with me.

NOW, I can offer you fast and stable boats from LiteBoat in France & EDON in Australia that offer that thrill of high speed for low effort combined with stability and the robustness required of boats that may be used by novices.
  Stabiliser can easily be removed

This video on the right shows how easy it can be to take to the water with no previous experience of sculling a proper rowing boat with sliding seats and a fine hull. It was taken on Lake Windermere.

Not only can stability be provided by the stabilising floats but it can easily be taken away again once the skill of sculling has been mastered. This means that a beginner can be taken through two stages of the learning progression before moving on finally to a fine racing skiff if that is what is desired.


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